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Flat-Rate Mastering:

Mastering is available for a flat rate of $45 per song (individual songs are limited to 6 minutes; contact me for pricing on longer songs), or $400 per album (14 song/60 minute maximum; contact me for pricing on more songs or longer album times).

And I offer a free sample to all new customers, so you can see if my work is acceptable to you before you commit any money. Just send me your mixed audio file (preferrably in uncompressed .wav format, in whatever bit depth and resolution it was recorded in) and I'll master the song for free, then send you a short sample of the mastered audio. Once you determine that you want to proceed with my work, you can pay the cost for your project and I'll either send over the complete song or finish the project (if necessary) and then send it over.

I'm also now offering an EP rate, which is $240 per EP (a mastering order qualifies for EP pricing if there are 7 songs or less in the mastering order, and with the total run time of all songs at 30 minutes or less).

Mastered tracks (as well as EPs and full albums) will be emailed to you in .wav format; add $15 to have a Red Book audio master CD (or a data disc with the DDP files; or add $20 for both) mailed to you for duplication (add an additional $25 for RUSH delivery of the master disc via FedEx 2nd Day Air), and I will also include a standard-quality disc with CD Audio tracks. Contact me regarding any other file formats, I can probably accommodate your needs.

Flat-rate mastering is for unattended sessions; at the current time, I do not offer the option for the client to be present at the studio during the mastering session. This allows me to do mastering work on a schedule that fits better with all of my commitments, which in turn allows me to master more music, to master it more efficiently, and to master it better overall.

Revisions are no charge if you contact me about it within 10 days of you receiving the materials (no matter the reason for the revision); after that it is at the normal studio rate of $65 per hour (half-hour minimum for revisions after the 10-day period). Mastering alternate mixes (vocal-up, vocal-down, instrumental, a capella, etc.) is no extra charge when requested at the initial session; they are $10 per additional mix anytime after that.

I charge actual shipping charges plus 12.5% handling for shipping of any discs or materials, whether to the client or to a duplicator/replicator; special circumstances may dictate special charges. I'm happy to send DDP files or other digital materials to a duplicator or replicator at no cost for the initial electronic transfer (if they require an additional digital delivery, or if they require a physical delivery, those costs will be based on actual shipping costs and/or the regular studio rate for the time involved). Two years of back-up storage in my archive library (including materials) is included with any paid session unless otherwise noted.

I can also mix your music, for a very reasonable costplease contact me and we can discuss the details. And every song I mix, I'm also happy to master it at no additional cost!